WJC 2022 NHL Team Participants

The 2022 World Junior Championships begin Sunday in Edmonton and Red Deer, Alta. As is the norm and as you would expect from the best U-20 competition in the world, the world junior tournament field is teeming with NHL draft talent. While most nations lack the depth of perspective to form a roster entirely made up of NHL prospects and those who have chosen to include future, younger draft picks, there is still a whopping 106 players drafted. on the WJC lists. Nine of ten WJCs have at least one current NHL prospect and six of those nine have at least ten draft picks. These players come from 31 of the 32 NHL teams, with the Carolina Hurricanes in the lead with ten prospects and only the New York Islanders are excluded. While enjoying the WJC action in the coming days, keep track of who might one day play at the highest level:

Anaheim Ducks (4):
F Mason McTavish, Canada
D Ian Moore, United States
F Sacha Pastujov, United States
D Olen Zellweger, Canada

Arizona Coyotes (1):
F Dylan Guenther, Canada

Boston Bruins (1):
F Fabien Lysell, Sweden

Buffalo Sabers (4):
F Jakub Konecny, Czechia
D Nikita Novikov, Russia
D Owen Power, Canada
F Isak Rosen, Sweden

Calgary Flames (1):
F Matt Coronato, United States

Carolina Hurricanes (10):
F Nikita Gouslistov, Russia
D Aleski Heimosalmi, Finland
D City Koivunen, Finland
D Scott Morrow, United States
F Sion Nybeck, Sweden
D Joël Nystrom, Sweden
F Alexandre Pashin, Russia
F Vasily Ponomarev, Russia
g Nikita Quapp, Germany
D Ronan Seeley, Canada

Chicago Blackhawks (4):
g Drawn Commesso, United States
D Wyatt Kaiser, United States
D Michel Krutil, Czechia
F Landon Slaggert, United States

Colorado Avalanche (1):
F Oskar Olausson, Sweden

Columbus Blue Jackets (1):
F Kent Johnson, Canada
D Samuel Knazko, Slovakia
F Martin Rysavy, Czechia
D Stanislav Svozil, Czechia

Dallas Stars (4):
F Mavrik Bourque, Canada
F Daniel Ljungman, Sweden
F Logan Stankoven, Canada
F Albert Sjoberg, Sweden

Detroit Red Wings (8):
g Jan Bednar, Czechia
g Sébastien Cossa, Canada
D Simon Edvinsson, Sweden
F Carter Mazur, United States
F Théodore Niederbach, Sweden
F Wild Redmond, United States
D Donovan Sebrango, Canada
D Eemil Viro, Finland

Edmonton Oilers (2):
F Xavier Borgault, Canada
D Luca Munzenberger, Germany

Florida Panthers (5):
F Elliot Ekmark, Sweden
D Kasper Puutio, Finland
F Mackie Samoskevich, United States
F Ty Smilanic, United States
F Justin Deaf, Canada

Los Angeles Kings (6):
F Martin Chromiak, Slovakia
D Brock Faber, United States
D Helge Grans, Sweden
F Samuel Hélène, Finland
D Kirill Kirsanov, Russia
F Kasper Simontaival, Finland

Minnesota Savage (6):
F Marat Khusnutdinov, Russia
D Carson Lambos, Canada
F Pavel Novak, Czechia
D Ryan O’Rourke, Canada
D Jack Peart, United States
g Jesper Wallstedt, Sweden

Montreal Canadiens (3):
D Kaiden Guhle, Canada
F Olivier Kapanen, Finland
F Jan Mysak, Czechia

Nashville Predators (4):
g Yaroslav Askarov, Russia
F Simon Knak, Switzerland
D Anton Olsson, Sweden
F Fedor Svechnikov, Russia

New Jersey Devils (4):
F Alexander Holtz, Sweden
D Luc Hugues, United States
g Jakub Malek, Czechia
D Shakir Moukhamadulline, Russia

New York Islanders (0)

New York Rangers (4):
F Brett Berard, United States
F Guillaume Cuylle, Canada
g Dylan Garand, Canada
F Kalle Vaisanen, Finland

Ottawa Senators (5):
F Ridly Greig, Canada
F Roby Jarventie, Finland
D Tyler Kleven, United States
g Leevi Merilainen, Finland
D Jake Sanderson, United States

Philadelphia Flyers (3):
D Émile Andraé, Sweden
F Elliot Desnoyers, Canada
D Brian Zanetti, Switzerland

Pittsburgh Penguins (3):
g Joël Blomqvist, Finland
g Clang Street, Sweden
F Kirill Tankov, Russia

Blues de Saint-Louis (3):
F Tanner Dickinson, United States
D Leo Loof, Sweden
F Jake neighbors, Canada

Sharks from San José (1):
F Guillaume Eklund, Sweden

Seattle Kraken (2):
F Matthieu Béniers, United States
D City of Ottavainen, Finland

Tampa Bay Lightning (1):

Toronto Maple Leafs (3):
F Roni Hirvonen, Finland
F Matthew Knies, United States
D Topi Niemala, Finland

Vancouver Canucks (1):
F Dmitry Zlodeev, Russia

Vegas Golden Knights (4):
F Jakub Brabenec, Czechia
D Lucas Cormier, Canada
F Jakub Demek, Slovakia
g Jesper Vikman, Sweden

Washington Capitals (1):
F Oskar Magnusson, Sweden

Winnipeg Jets (4):
F Nikita Chibrikov, Russia
F Chaz Lucius, United States
F Cole Perfetti, Canada
F Daniel Torgersson, Sweden

*The list of Switzerland awaiting finalization on Sunday; The team has been in COVID-19 quarantine since Thursday but will be ready to start the tournament and participate as scheduled, the Swiss announced.

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