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On January 19, Marietta College students celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. Day with a day of service and reflection across campus. These students have implemented many community service projects and demonstrated a positive force in our community. It reminds me of MLK’s commitment to nonviolence and service to others. I remember his optimism when he said, “The believer in non-violence has a deep faith in the future.” It reminds me of the importance of teaching our children social responsibility and how to make caring decisions that help improve our communities. Compare that to comments by JD Vance, US Senate candidate from Ohio, who visited Marietta two days after MLK Day. Vance defended Kyle Rittenhouse, a teenager who traveled to another state with his assault weapon to demonstrate what Vance called his “fundamental virile virtue”. This young man shot three people, killing two of them. JD Vance said: “Isn’t it good that a 17-year-old raised by a single mother made good decisions and decided to be a positive force in his community. . . It’s not just about Kyle Rittenhouse. It’s about what kind of young men do we want to raise in our communities? What kind of virtue do we want our leaders to promote? » It reminds me of the virtues we want to instill in our children, and I am convinced that these are NOT JD Vance’s values.

Annelle Edwards


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