The Walk a Mile 5K walk/run attracted 100 participants of all ages

A Walk A Mile 5K walk/run drew around 100 participants on Monroe Street in Coldwater on Saturday morning.

Among the runners was a homeschool co-op group. One of the students, 14-year-old Luke Long, was the first to cross the finish line in less than 18 minutes. Her mother and co-op running coach Kristi Long, mother of nine, was the first woman to cross the line.

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At the other end of the age spectrum was Helen Guisinger, 80, the oldest runner in the event, finishing in just over 39 minutes. She is also part of a group, the Coldwater Area Runners. Her racing mates, Shelby Stanley and Donna Swanson, both 70, led the way with times of 31 and 33 minutes.

Acie Stanfill, 79, was the oldest male runner. He was not worried about his time. He was running as he often does in local 5Ks. But it’s a new hobby.

“I started running when I was 70,” Stanfill said.

The older runners seemed to have earned it, crossing the finish line with determination.

Many of the young runners seemed barely fazed by the 3.3 miles they had just covered.

Two-year-old Austin Thomas was one of them. Coming last, but happy, he was momentarily distracted before following his mother, Kiersten Thomas, pushing his little brother Kaleb in a buggy, across the finish line.

A home school co-op group competed in the 5K race, winning numerous awards including coach Kristi Long, #25, the first woman to cross the line and Luke Long, #26, first place overall.
Coldwater area runners Shelby Stanley, Helen Guisinger and Donna Swanson all won medals in their age categories.  Guisinger was the oldest rider in the event.
Acie Stanfill, 79, was the oldest male participant in the Walk A Mile 5K race on Saturday.

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