The labor manifesto will be released on Friday with Abela urging the crowd to learn from their mistakes

The Labor Party will present its election manifesto this Friday, with Prime Minister Robert Abela urging his supporters to back his government on election day.

“That’s why now, more than ever, we have to stay united, so as not to risk what we have achieved,” Abela said at a mass meeting in Paola.

He urged people to go out and vote, warning that abstaining in the election would be a victory for the PN. Abela insisted Labor was the right choice, saying the party’s shortcomings, which led to a political crisis in 2019, were a thing of the past.

“I understand there are people who are skeptical, and we know we made mistakes,” he said.

In terms of manifesto, Abela has so far unveiled some proposals at press conferences. However, an announcer at the mass meeting revealed that the document will be released next Friday.

“We are making proposals on our priorities under our vision, which I can group under three objectives: a more beautiful Malta, a Malta of opportunities and a Malta where you live a better quality of life,” said Abela.

The prime minister used the speech to deliver harsh criticism of the PN, insisting the opposing party was divisive and tried to use the COVID-19 pandemic as leverage.

“At the time, the country was supposed to be united, they were more divided among themselves,” he said.

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