Streamers slam Spanish attendees who dropped out of Twitch Rivals Rust event

the Rust The Twitch Rivals event was supposed to be a lighthearted battle between 40 North American streamers and 40 streamers from Spain and Latin America, but activity quickly turned sour after several of the top Spanish-speaking streamers decided to quit. the event 48 hours earlier. This left many NA streamers feeling like their time was wasted.

One such streamer was popular FPS player Mendo, who didn’t mince words when he called out Spanish streamers for their behavior: “It’s spineless, it’s childish, and I can’t believe this actually happened with a set of streamers who are cultured. adults when they call us 14,” Mendo said.

The streamer explained the racism and offenses he and his fellow NA streamers had to endure from viewers of some of Spain’s top streamers who entered their Twitch chats.

Even Twitch veteran Shroud shared his thoughts on the drama. He thinks Spanish streamers who left the Twitch Rivals tournament won’t be invited to any events hosted by the Amazon-owned platform in the future, and that it’s “a really bad look for everyone involved”. .

XQc also criticized the streamers’ decision to pull out of the competition before its scheduled end, saying other teams could take advantage of time differences and attack opposing bases while NA streamers slept.

As the streamer who first approached Twitch about the event and helped get the idea off the ground, DisguisedToast also addressed the controversy. However, he seemed mostly disappointed. The 30-year-old explained that streamers are “blessed” to be in the positions they find themselves in and that he wanted viewers to have the chance to witness the predicted climactic final battle of the Rust Event.

Despite DisguisedToast’s conclusion Rust tournament, the streamer hopes to create more Twitch Rivals events in the future.

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