South Africa: the center of Germiston’s work reopens

Unemployed residents of Germiston and surrounding areas will no longer have to travel far to benefit from the free services provided by the Department of Employment and Labor.

It comes after the department this week reopened the Germiston Labor Center in Gauteng, which had been closed for four years. During this period, clients had to travel further afield to access services.

“By reopening this center, we reaffirm the department’s commitment to serving the public and vulnerable clients. Circumstances beyond our control led to the closure, but we are happy to have overcome this obstacle and the center has opened its doors.

“The closure of any work center means surrounding areas are under more pressure as they serve customers who would normally have been served by closed centers,” Tshepo Mokomatsidi, chief director of provincial operations at Gauteng, said on Wednesday.

The center will be operational Monday to Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The work center is located in the Standard Bank Building at 241 President Street and has a staff of 130 staff. Twenty-five of them are front-line agents called customer service agents, while 16 are labor inspectors.

As expected, the center will assist clients with their unemployment insurance claims as well as their compensation claims for work-related accidents and diseases.

The office, like any other employment center in the country, has public employment service (PES) officials such as guidance counselors and employment service practitioners who will provide the services of the services. public employment. This includes registering job seekers in the South African Employment Services (ESSA) database and registering employment opportunities which will then be matched with available job seekers. in the department as well as in the private sector.

Labor inspectors will carry out proactive and reactive inspections to ensure compliance with labor laws.

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