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Accompanied by her family, Chastity Cincotta showed up at the Fermata Club on Saturday for the sixth annual Polar Plunge.

It was her first time attending the event, but Cincotta was ready.

“I have a robe and a towel waiting,” she said. “The car is going to be hot, and I have a Crock-Pot of Chicken Noodle Soup at home.”

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Paige Rabon, secretary of the Fermata Club board of directors, said a total of 14 people have signed up for Polar Plunge.

The cost per person was $ 25.

For spectators, the event was free.

At the time of the Polar Plunge, in the late afternoon, the water temperature in the Fermata Club swimming pool was 54 degrees and the air temperature was around 40 degrees.

“I’ve been talking about this for a number of years,” said Cincotta, who works at Newberry Hall.

What finally decided her to take a little winter swim was an offer from Patrick Carlisle to sponsor her.

Carlisle and his wife, Natalie, own Newberry Hall.

“He said he would pay for it, so I said, ‘Then I will,” Cincotta said. “I expect to be really cold when I go out – very, very cold.”

There was a lot of gasping and splashing when she and her fellow divers hit the water.

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Most quickly got out of the pool.

Soon after Cincotta pulled on her dress and wrapped her towel around her head, she said she was comfortable.

But Cincotta admitted the cold water was a shock.

“It took my breath away,” she said. “I have never been so cold in my life.”

Steve Arnold, who wore a three-piece suit, was a returning participant in Polar Plunge.

“I’m doing it for fun,” he said. “It’s good for a laugh. I will rinse the suit in water at home and hang it up to dry. It’ll be OK.”

Arnold, who lives in North Augusta, is a volunteer member of a dive team in Georgia that searches for drowning victims and performs other duties.

During one dive, he recalls, “MPs were on the shore with assault rifles to ward off the alligators.”

Compared to that, the Polar Plunge is “not bad,” he said.

The money collected by the Polar Plunge helps finance improvements to the Fermata Club facilities.

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“Sometimes it was used to restore a building,” Rabon said. “Sometimes it was used to restore our tennis courts. This year, the funds will be used to restore our swimming pool. It is 15 years old and major repairs need to be done.

When a Polar Plunge takes place at Fermata Club, it is open to the public.

“It’s a fun community event,” Rabon said.

The Fermata Club is located at 841 Whiskey Road.

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