New Year’s Message from Watford Labor Party Chairman Cllr Asif Khan

And so it’s over with the old year and the new one.

2021 has been another Covid year but it hasn’t all been so bad as Watford FC have been promoted to the Premier League again.

I’m sure we all look forward to a better year to come, but tempered by the fact that Britain has such a weak government that it has resorted to advice because it cannot live up to its own rules. . How many times have we seen that this is a rule for them and a rule for the rest of us?

Locally this year we have the mayoral election scheduled for May and I am happy to be the Labor candidate for the city in which I was born. I want to give hope for the change we need, because if things don’t change, the towers that have proliferated under the Liberal Democrats will continue unabated. Watford seized by Covid and concrete is not something I want for 2022.

There is also hope for the better on the national stage as people see through Boris Johnson and opinion poll after poll shows Watford wants a change of government.

Of course, 2022 is the centenary of the Borough of Watford, happily coinciding with the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee year which will be marked by a joyous celebration and an extended public holiday in June. Sadly, the Liberal Democrat-led Three Rivers Council has ruled out lighting a lighthouse, but as mayor I’ll make sure Watford doesn’t make the same mistake.

  • Cllr Asif Khan is Chairman of the Watford Labor Party

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