New response to Covid should prioritize public health, not Tory interests, says Labor MP

Pat McFadden, MP

Labor leader Pat McFadden has said the Prime Minister is now “a kind of prisoner” of Tory MPs after a major uprising last week.

Nearly 100 MPs – including two from the Black Country – rebelled and voted against the implementation of Plan B measures, which were passed with Labor support.

Now, with reports of a two-week breaker lockout implemented after Christmas, Mr McFadden has called on Mr Johnson to prioritize health.

The Wolverhampton South East MP, the shadow chief secretary to the Treasury, said: ‘We need to see what the science advice is (on any other restrictions).

“Boris Johnson is now, after last week’s vote, a bit of a prisoner of his own backbenchers. And what is important is that any consideration of additional measures prioritizes health and not the internal management of the Conservative Party.

“Labor would look at the data and find out what’s best for public health and what’s best for the NHS. Boris Johnson, in my opinion, doesn’t think about public health first – he thinks’ that will tolerate the Conservative backbenchers? “and that is not the way to make important health decisions.”

Officials are said to consider implementing tougher measures on Boxing Day, which could include a ban on meeting family and friends indoors – but no decision has been made, according to reports.

John Spellar, Labor MP for Warley, added: “Basically they have to figure out where this is spreading because, for example, in the first lockdown we had it was not spreading in reception places, it was spreading in the workplace.

“And we must also be very concerned about stop-start measures that put businesses and jobs at risk. This must be proportionate and take into account the damage to society – and the damage to the economy and to the world. ‘use.”

A potential lockdown comes after government science advisers said hospital admissions with the UK variant are “likely around a tenth” of the actual number due to a delay in notification.

The Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage) ‘situation update’ on Thursday was released on Saturday and said it is “almost certain that there are now hundreds of thousands of new infections with Omicron by day ”in England.

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