New Jersey community continues to honor U.S. Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick who died after the January 6 uprising – CBS New York

SOUTH RIVER, NJ (CBSNewYork) – A year after the deadly Capitol Riot, a small community in New Jersey remembers a hero lost that day.

The chaos at the Capitol on January 6, 2021 was overwhelming. The police were outnumbered. But Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick did his best to defend those inside.

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“It’s sad that he went to defend America against the Americans,” said Ken Sicknick, Brian’s brother.

He died a day later after suffering several strokes.

“Sadness, anger, I mean you name emotion, it’s everyday that I deal with it,” Sicknick told CBS2’s Kevin Rincon.

New Jersey native Brian Sicknick dies after a rampaging mob attack in the nation’s capital. (Credit: United States Capitol Police)

Sicknick says that to this day there are those who doubt his brother’s death was caused by the riot.

“He wouldn’t have died if he hadn’t been overwhelmed by rioters, protesters, whatever you want to call them,” he said.

His family spent time in Washington defending the truth.

“I very much appreciate the January 6 commission. It’s an amazing thing they did, but it puzzles me that there were people who voted against it, ”Sicknick said.

Brian is remembered last year on Capitol Hill where he served. Officers from afar paid tribute to him. But those tributes didn’t stop once he was buried. They continue in his hometown.

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Back in South River, where Brian grew up, he is rightly remembered for community service.

“It has touched a sore point across our country, as it is happening in this small town goes even deeper,” said Ellen Tschopp, a teacher at South River High School.

She has helped organize several community events, including a town cleanup where Sicknick’s mother takes daily walks.

“I am friends with Mrs. Sicknick. What I think is important is that my friend is well and so I wanted to do something for her, ”Tschopp said.

The students also participated in the creation of a community garden.

“It helps bring people together, which is what we need most today,” said Alex Vasiley, a student at South River High School.

“I like the idea that we are trying to keep his memory alive,” said student Connor Kosa.

“If we continue to remember him and continue to do our part in our endeavors, then we are doing a very good job,” said student Diana Eleto.

The plan now is to officially dedicate the garden in honor of Brian Sicknick this spring.

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Kevin Rincon of CBS2 contributed to this report.

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