Ministry of Labor launches its version of the National Militia Rehabilitation and Reintegration Project (DDR) |


By Sami Zaptia.

Tripoli, October 23, 2021:

The Libyan Ministry of Labor and Rehabilitation this morning launched its national project for the rehabilitation and reintegration (of the militias) during a lavish event at the Mahary Radisson Blue hotel in Tripoli. The event brought together a plethora of ministers and the Governor of the Central Bank and led by Prime Minister (arrived very late) Abd Alhamid Aldabaiba.

The project, under the slogan “With rehabilitation and work, we contribute to the return of life”, is the continuation of several other projects launched since the end of the revolution of February 17, 2011 which overthrew the Gaddafi regime attempting to disarm, demobilize and reintegrate (DDR) Libyan militias.

In his speech, Aldabaiba called on young people to move forward towards construction and reconstruction, to abandon slogans of war and destruction, and to work for a stable present and build a better future for our children and grandchildren, because the country deserves to be supported towards stability, security and peace.

He stressed that his government is providing the best youth programs in light of its pursuit of a prosperous future for all segments of society.

He also indicated his determination to take by the hand all the young people of all Libya, which he considers as a national asset that must be preserved, and to integrate them by offering them professional and employment programs that guarantee them a decent life, and keep them away from the specter of engaging in wars and making them capable individuals to integrate and work and provide what they have of capabilities to participate in nation building.

(Photo: Sami Zaptia).

He explained that the schedule we are working on under the tutelage of the Ministry of Labor and Rehabilitation aims to increase the capacities of all elements wishing to integrate and work to attract everyone and provide opportunities to increase the efficiency and scientific and technical development by providing all scientific, technical and electronic courses.

Aldabaiba also addressed the youth, saying: “You have made this country grow and the pillar of its progress, and you are our hope for a bright future with your constructive presence, because you are participating in reconstruction and development. , and we, after Almighty God, are counting on you because you are the builders of this future, and we are proud of you as we are with you today.

The DDR of the Libyan militias: from WAC to LPRD

It will be recalled that previously, the DDR of the Libyan militias came under the Warriors Affairs Commission (WAC) in 2012 which was renamed the Libyan Program for Reintegration and Development (LPRD) in March 2014.

Under any mark whatsoever, he failed to reintegrate the Libyan militias nationwide and critics would say that it was the militias that succeeded in integrating the Libyan state into their ranks by infiltrating and destroying it. controlling it.

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