Labor sends angry open letter to Grant Shapps

13:35 December 10, 2021

Following the shocking news of an alleged No10 Christmas party, which took place last year when England was on lockdown, Welwyn Hatfield’s Labor Party sent an open letter to MP Grant Shapps.

It reads:

Dear Grant,

You are part of a government led by Boris Johnson, have actively campaigned for him to become the leader of the Conservative Party and have voted with him on all major issues in Parliament since December 2019.

Given your close relationship with the Prime Minister, we believe the people of Welwyn Hatfield deserve to know your take on the Downing Street Christmas party that took place on December 18, 2020, and the aftermath of this revelation. has had on the local population.

Two hundred and ninety-five (295) people living in Welwyn Hatfield have died with COVID-19 on their death certificates. Thousands more have been hospitalized and are living with the consequences of the long Covid. Like communities across the country, we all stayed home last Christmas, played by the rules, and chose to protect others.

In Downing Street, something very different was happening. During the holiday of December 18, the rules were broken with abandon. And in videos now made public, senior advisers laughed. Laughing. At the same time as countless Welwyn Hatfield families were canceling their own plans for Christmas and in some cases putting off vulnerable family members they might never get the chance to see again.

Boris Johnson has spent the last week denying the story, but the truth is catching up with him now.

We want to know what your message is to the people of Welwyn Hatfield. Specifically:

1. Does Boris Johnson still have your support to continue as Prime Minister?

2. After all these revelations and the erosion of trust, do you think Boris Johnson still has the moral authority to lead the country through this ongoing pandemic?

Given the urgency of this matter, we have made it an open letter. We look forward to your response.

Welwyn Hatfield’s Labor Party.

Mr. Shapps was contacted for comment but did not respond in time for the post.

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