Labor provides more congestion for Aucklanders

The lack of labor delivery in Auckland’s transport over the past five years means congestion has gotten significantly worse for Aucklanders, National Transport spokesman Simeon Brown said. .

“The Automobile Association’s Congestion Report released today confirms what many Aucklanders experience daily: commuters are spending more time stuck in traffic, and longer.

“Commuters traveling from Papakura to the CBD spend an average of seven additional minutes on the highway each morning compared to 2019. Those traveling from the North Shore to the CBD also spend an additional three minutes in traffic jams compared to the same year.

“This is the time that motorists will not return. Parents spend less time at home with their children and people have less time to do the things they love.

“As congestion has worsened in Auckland, Labor has spent the past four and a half years in endless discussions and task forces for Auckland’s light rail, which they promised would be completed until to Mount Roskill by 2021.

“While Labor has failed to deliver on its light rail promises, there has also been no progress on critical routes around Auckland such as Mill Road or Penlink which would significantly improve the road network from Auckland.

“$50 million wasted on a canceled cycle bridge as the east-west link was removed and the eastern rail line is less than half complete.

“If the Labor Party had not canceled so many critical infrastructure projects in Auckland and indeed continued to deliver, Aucklanders would not face worsening congestion and would have more transport choices.”

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