Labor leader Alan Kelly still has a grudge against Dail with Taoiseach Micheal Martin – but he will ‘bottle’ his anger for a later date

Labor leader Alan Kelly has said he still resents an argument between Dail and the Taoiseach in which he claims he was branded a liar – but insists he “bottle” his anger to run rampant against Micheál Martin at a later date.

He told the Irish Mirror he remains seething after the clash six weeks ago over alleged off-mic talks over whether teachers could be exempted from Covid isolation.

The Taoiseach denied saying so, while Mr Kelly swore he did.

An enraged Mr. Kelly challenged the Taoiseach to call him a liar to the Dáil, and the Taoiseach responded by saying, “I learned something about you yesterday that I will not forget, and which will govern our relationship from now on. ‘here.

In a subsequent interview on RTE’s Brendan O’Connor Show before Christmas, the Taoiseach admitted that he overreacted and was ready to bury the hatchet.

However, Mr. Kelly is not in such a lenient mood.

He told the Mirror: “I know I told the truth that day. He knows what he said, it’s a question for him how he handles it.

“But you know, I learned a lot about him that day too. When someone says something to your face, you have to take their word for it.

“When someone is the Taoiseach of Ireland and says something directly to your face, you take them at their word. “

Taoiseach Michel Martin

Mr Kelly said he did not understand why the Taoiseach had not admitted that he had not told the truth or had simply made a mistake.

“He chose to take another avenue and you know what, I’m going to bottle that too.”

Mr Kelly said the Taoiseach had “absolutely not” told the truth in the Dáil, and then referred to a famous quote from Shakespeare’s Macbeth: “I think the phrase ‘the lady protests too much'” comes to mind. “

Regarding his role in the debacle of water charges, the former environment minister denied any reversal from the introduction in December 2013 of the charges – which were later removed.

But he said he was “given a hospital pass” by the minister before him to Environment Department Fine Gael Bruiser, “Big Phil” Hogan, on the matter.

Mr Kelly said: “The government’s turnaround was not my government. The government change was the government after, so there was no government change from the one I was involved in, okay?

“Irish Water was created by Phil Hogan. He then gave me the biggest hospital pass I would have ever received here (Leinster House) in a long time.

Mr Kelly said he now concedes that water charges as a stand-alone tax are now dead in the water.

But he said water services will have to be paid for whatever they should be incorporated into a new tariff system.

Mr Kelly also told the Mirror about his future ambitions during the high-profile interview with the former minister and party leader, saying he was considering returning to government.

He said he could work with any party, including Sinn Féin, but he kicked off his opposition rivals, saying they are “populist” and “not really a party. left”.

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