Labor and Furness Tories are at war of words over Partygate

Barrow’s Labor and Conservative parties have engaged in a war of words over ‘Partygate’ after the Metropolitan Police announced they would not be issuing any more updates ahead of the May 5 election.

Borough Council Leader Ann Thomson suggested the pressure had ‘been applied at a higher level’ and said the decision would have an unfair impact on votes by shielding ‘Conservatives from even more negative publicity. “.

Cllr Thomson was speaking on the ongoing saga involving anti-lockdown events at 10 Downing Street and Whitehall – with Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Chancellor Rishi Sunak fined for their involvement.

However, the Conservative Party in Barrow and Furness hit back, with a spokesperson saying it did not think it was ‘wise for the Labor leader of Barrow Council to accuse the police of corruption and conspiracy’.

“In the meantime, we support our police,” the spokesperson said.

“That’s why Cumbria has over a hundred extra police on our streets, and more on the way, as part of our plan for safer streets.”

Cllr Thomson said the decision not to reveal any further updates until May 5 would benefit Tories who she said were “preparing for a potentially bumpy ride to the polls”.

“A lot of people have already decided who they’re going to vote for, and a lot of voters are telling us it’s not going to be the Conservatives,” she said.

“The police are supposed to work in the interest of the people, and people have the right to have the facts before they make their decision at the ballot box.”

The Conservative Party spokesman for Barrow and Furness said Labor had “no plans”.

He said Labor was “playing politics” and “wasting money”.

“We are the second worst local authority for recycling,” he said.

“We have streets with litter piled up because of the Labour’s bin chaos, which means 33,000 homes haven’t emptied their bins for months.”

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