Keir Starmer slammed after Labor leader attacked Scottish government


KEIR Starmer has been warned his party is ‘doomed to uselessness’ if it continues to ‘deny democracy in Scotland’.

The SNP attacked the Labor leader after vowing to reclaim the party’s former homes in Scotland.

Starmer accused Nicola Sturgeon and Boris Johnson of stripping Scottish families of their dignity after spending cuts.

Starmer told the Sunday Mail: “There is no going back for Labor without winning in Scotland – and there shouldn’t be.

“It’s a party that has been shaped by Scotland and I am proud of our record in changing it for the better.

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“But this work is not done – together we can make Scotland stronger and fairer and that is why I am working so hard to regain people’s trust.

“The Scots are being abandoned by two bad governments and it’s not just the headlines – it’s about living with dignity or living without it.”

Starmer criticized the Tories for cutting universal credit but also targeted the SNP.

He continued: “But – and Nicola Sturgeon cannot run away from this – the Scottish Parliament is not helpless and the SNP is not faultless in handling many of these crises.

“Just one example, power over winter fuel payments was handed over to the Scottish government in 2016, but the SNP returned it to the Tories. What does this tell you about the magnitude of their ambition for Scotland?

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“Meanwhile, Scottish Labor has called on the Scottish government to provide a £ 70 winter fuel supplement for those who need it most.

“And that’s part of my pledge to Scotland – at Holyrood or Westminster Labor will always work for solutions that make a difference, don’t talk about change and fail to deliver.”

The National:

The SNP hit back at the claims, saying the Labor leader should be “totally embarrassed”.

An SNP spokesperson said: ‘Labor is doomed to uselessness as long as it continues to side with the Tories in denying democracy in Scotland.

“Keir Starmer should be utterly embarrassed by his willingness to join the Tories in their Trump-style attempt to challenge the cast-iron democratic mandate issued by the people of Scotland for an independence referendum.

“Scottish Labor would rather ignore the Scottish people and subject them to further heartless Conservative austerity policies and a damaging Westminster-controlled Brexit pursuit.

“Just five months ago, the people of Scotland had a say in our record in government – and our ambitious plans to lead Scotland through the pandemic and towards a sustainable recovery. The SNP recorded its highest ever share of constituency votes, while Labor fell to its worst ever result. ”

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