Hoosac Valley students will host a food drive for animals in the Mayfield Kentucky area

CHESHIRE, Mass. (NEWS10) — Students in the Hoosac Valley School District are the voices of the voiceless. The Hoosac Valley Middle and High School Student Council is partnering with a local nonprofit to help animals in Mayfield, Ky. After deadly tornadoes swept through their town in December, it affected thousands of people and their pets, causing an overflow of wildlife among local animals.

Students lend a hand and collect cat food, dog food and cat litter from the local community. In addition to large clean blankets and towels donated by Berkshire Health Systems. “We have 771 donations that were brought in by students and their families on the middle school side only and the high school is still in the midst of their donations,” said Jennifer Kline, a teacher at Hoosac Valley Middle School. The goal is to collect as many donations as possible! They are confident they will collect over 1,000 donations by the end of February.

Students want to make sure there is food in each bowl. Kathy “Skippy” Hynes, President of Got Spots Inc., a local nonprofit that helps animals, expanded the mission to their entire tight-knit community. “The city is amazing because the companies have helped us, Berkshire Outfitters, Smith Brothers-McAndrews Insurance, and I’m still waiting to hear from a few others,” Kathy Hynes said. “Our hope is that the community can get involved to help raise as many donations as possible.
to contribute to this amazing community service project! Monetary donations are also welcome!
The sums received will be used to cover transport costs as well as veterinary care with the help of the
Mayfield Care Organizations,” Kathy said in a statement.

Students will continue to collect donations throughout the month of February. Then all supplies will be transported to Kentucky by Got Spot volunteers. Once the donations arrive in Mayfield, Kathy is planning a virtual meet-and-greet with the local animal shelter so the students can see that their hard work is paying off. “We are changing the world to a better place, one step at a time, and we are instilling that in our students,” said Jennifer Kline.

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