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Popular video conferencing platform Google meet introduced a new audio and video locking feature that will allow meeting hosts to mute other participants. This will allow them to have an uninterrupted virtual meeting and prevent people from reactivating unless they are unlocked by the hosts.

Google Meet allows hosts to mute other users’ audio – how can you do this?

The feature will come in handy in situations where people forget to mute during meetings and thus keep video calls going smoothly. It will also give hosts more control over meetings and allow them to decide the level of participation of different people attending the meeting.

It is being rolled out to the Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals and Education Plus domains and is expected to reach other Workspace domains soon.

Google, via a blog post, said, “The meeting organizer is the only user in a meeting who can use the ‘Mute all participants’ feature. After all participants are hidden, the meeting host cannot reactivate them. However, users will be able to reactivate if necessary ”.

He added that, for now, the mute feature will only be available to the meeting host who will join from a desktop browser. The feature is also expected to be introduced on other platforms in the coming months.

For meeting hosts on Google meet to mute other people, they’ll need to follow a few simple steps. All they have to do is point their cursor over the profile picture of the person they want to mute and then click on the Mute option. This feature will be provided by default to hosts so that they can choose to mute people at the start of a meeting.

It is suggested that the feature will not be available for Google Workspace Essentials, Business Starter, Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Essentials, Enterprise Standard, and Enterprise Plus, as well as for G Suite Basic, Business, and Nonprofits customers.

Additionally, this feature will be available for Android Marshmallow and later, and iOS 12 and later. However, people running older versions will be removed from the meeting if they are reactivated by hosts. To return to the meeting, they will need to update their devices.

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