‘Great British Bake Off’ slammed for forcing vegan participant to use animal products


The Great British Cake (GBBO) is a popular British TV series among pastry lovers and those looking to wet their eyes with amazing pastries. However, the show has come under fire for forcing vegan baker Freya Cox to use animal products.

The 19-year-old amateur pastry chef, who is the show’s youngest contestant this season, took to her Instagram account to warn viewers that she wasn’t able to make all of her pastries vegan during the challenge broadcast technique.

“I wanted to add a little warning before the episode, I was desperate to show the world that vegan baking is just as exciting in hopes of inspiring people to try it. For obvious reasons, I didn’t. was able to change the tech challenge as that would mean the whole show was unfair. Sorry if that’s disappointing to hear, but once the show is over I’m planning to vegetate the recipes for all of you so hopefully that compensates, ”she said in a Instagram post.

The show is renowned for its challenges, which include signing, technique and spectacle. The technical challenge is a surprise, and the same ingredients are provided to every baker, reports Business intern.

PETA UK director Elisa Allen called GBBO’s decision “shameful” because it forced candidates to “violate their ethical, religious or other principles”.Allen also reiterated that this was a missed opportunity for the show to introduce and inspire viewers to use herbal ingredients.

Viewers also took to social media to share their frustration, with many wondering why the show would allow a vegan baker to compete if he wasn’t able to use plant-based products every time. .

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Photo: Freya Cox Instagram

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