Enugu: You cannot escape justice


Enugu State workers reacted to the sudden resignation of Enugu State Land Commissioner, Surveyor Victor Nnam, saying the former Commissioner must face justice.

This was contained in a statement from the unions in Enugu State, where they observed with dismay the activities of the former commissioner.

The declaration was signed by Comrade Virginus Nwobodo and Comrade Ben Asofwa of Nigeria Labor Congress and Trade Union Congress of Nigeria, Enugu State Councils, respectively.

DAILY POST had reported that Nnam resigned on Friday, blaming him on the redeployment of some professionals from his department.

But workers said the reasons given by the former commissioner for his resignation were far from the truth, noting he was already under investigation and trying to escape the long arm of the law. .

They said in the statement that “the Ministry of Lands under the former commissioner revoked land belonging to members of the Union of Local Government Employees of Nigeria (NULGE) in Enugu State, re-parceled out land and therefore reassigned it to another set of owners. All local government employees affected by this action are still counting their losses.

“The commissioner also revoked plots of land belonging to a group of health workers from ESUT University Hospital, Parklane, Enugu (mainly doctors) and all attempts to reclaim the property have been repeatedly cut short by the former commissioner and his team.

“The ministry under the former commissioner caused many residents, including workers, to lose plots of land they bought with their hard-earned and meager incomes.

“The Nigerian Labor Congress and the Nigerian Trade Union Congress, Enugu State Councils, chaired by Comrade Virginus Nwobodo and Comrade Ben Asofwa, respectively, have expressed their disappointment at the level of degradation of the ministry. and begged the Governor of Enugu State, Rt. Hon. Dr. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi to ensure that the next person to take the post of Land Commissioner in Enugu State should be humble, approachable, pious and law-abiding in the line of duty. The people of Enugu State cannot afford to work with another arrogant and hostile commissioner in the ministry. “

Likewise, the NULGE, in a statement by its chairman-in-office, comrade Kenneth Emeka Ugwueze urged the security agencies to conclude the ongoing investigations into the former commissioner’s activities and secure his trial.

He said: “As a responsible and responsive union, we have controlled the anger of our many members who were ready for the showdown given the current fragile security environment and resorted to a civilian approach by through a report to state security agencies.

“We have also written to His Excellency, the Executive Governor of Enugu State, Rt. Hon. Dr. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, crying for help as His Excellency was aware of our ownership of the land.

“While the security agencies were still investigating and making their preliminary reports, the commissioner hastily handed in his resignation letter to avoid his dismissal as his bad conscience was already staring him in the face, claiming to be hospitalized for some time.

“It is ludicrous that the Commissioner is writing such a letter of resignation when the investigation is still ongoing and his senior officers have only been redeployed to make way for a proper investigation into his ministry which was in the public domain,” including, but not limited to, multiple invitations. by the Enugu State Assembly House.

“We therefore urge that the investigation by the security agencies be completed so that justice can be done.”

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