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By Cady Russell

The Dripping Springs Community Foundation has successfully funded projects in the greater Dripping Springs area for 22 years. And what was cultivated by former DSCF board chair Susan Santamaria is now being picked up by new board chair Robert Musgrove, who has high hopes of taking the foundation to new heights. new levels at the service of the community.

The new chairman of the board of directors of the DSCF, Robert Musgrove. Photo by DSCF

“I want to be DSCF to become the preeminent resource and entity in North Hays County for charitable giving,” Musgrove said. “And most importantly, for community development to work and partner with our nonprofit colleagues in the region to strengthen the community and help these people achieve their goals.”

Musgrove thanked his predecessor, Santamaria, for his service. “Susan has greatly developed DSCSF over the past 14 years and has been instrumental in building the structure and formality necessary for the foundation. We have become much stronger because of his leadership and presence, ”said Musgrove.

Musgrove is not new to community foundations. Before moving to Dripping Springs, while living in central Minnesota, he served on the board of a community foundation for 17 years and its president for 10 years.

“I guess you can tell it’s not my first rodeo, I’ve seen a lot of what can be done and learned a lot.” said Musgrove. “I hope to effectively bring this knowledge to help develop DSCF and our community service.”

According to Musgrove, there are around 30 nonprofits in the Dripping Springs area, all of which are capable of making an impact on the community, and the DSCF wants to keep them healthy.

“I believe that if we are a true partner in the nonprofit community and help them, especially those who need our help, to grow stronger as organizations, we will empower them to respond to needs they see, ”Musgrove said. “We’re going to develop, improve the whole community because of it.”

And an important part of DSCF’s growth will be reaching out to new donors and raising awareness of its presence in the Dripping Springs community.

Musgrove said the foundation not only serves as a source of funding for nonprofits, but also a valuable resource for “potential donors who want to make a difference in the Dripping Springs community.” By funding the DSCF, donors can fund a wide range and help several non-profit organizations.

“Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t know who we are. We must therefore take up this challenge. How do we make sure that we have a bigger public presence so that people know who we are and what we do, ”said Musgrove.

In its most common form, nonprofit organizations in the region submit grant applications to the DSCF, and those selected receive community grants from the DSCF. Grants are awarded on a semi-annual basis and proposals are accepted no later than July 31 and January 31 of each year.

“When you have a group that comes to you and tells you, we see a real need here in the community that we want to do this project. We agree with that. And we give them the resources, and sometimes the guidance, to make it happen, ”said Musgrove.

For example, DSCF works as a fiscal sponsor for developing organizations that have not yet achieved nonprofit status, such as the Dripping Springs Skatepark.

The DSCF also awards the “Dripping Springs / Wimberley Girl Scout Scholarship Fund” which recognizes Girl Scout graduates who are committed to upholding Girl Scout Fundamentals; and the Dripping Springs Heroes Fund, which was specifically created to address the needs of first responders in the community.

To help better understand DSCF, Musgrove explained. “Well, [DSCF] is a charitable organization. Corn an important distinction is that we don’t just donate money to one cause. We collect money. We then build a fund of money that we can use to help other nonprofits in the community meet their critical needs, ”Musgrove said. “And that’s the way it works, we maintain a large bank account and on a regular basis we call nonprofits in the community and say, ‘Hey folks, we’ve got some money to donate. »What needs do you have? What community needs do you think need to be addressed? And we give them a financial boost to help people in the community improve the community. “

Musgrove believes this important honor can provide a potential donor with a way to distribute their donation more equitably throughout the Dripping Springs community. The initial roots of DSCF can be traced to this concept.

In 1997, an art exhibit called The Gathering began in Dripping Springs, which raised funds for the DS Community Library. And in 1999, the members of the group started to think that the funds raised should also go to other community organizations, and so the DSCF was created. By the time the Gathering had run its course – $ 140,000 for the library, of which $ 91,000 was under DSCF and about $ 30,000 for Pound House.

“[DSCF] means to me that we have a group of people who believe in Dripping Springs, want to grow this community and strongly want to improve the quality of life here, ”said Musgrove. “In many ways, the foundation is a vehicle for people to take their passion and express it in a way that affects the community in a positive direction. I know I want to take this message to the people who live here and to potential donors. “

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