Domino’s raises pizza prices due to cost of labor, groceries and ingredients

The prices of some Domino's pizzas are increasing.

The prices of some Domino’s pizzas are increasing.

Domino’s Pizza has increased the price of some of its valuable pizzas due to rising costs for labor, groceries and ingredients.

“We had to slightly increase the price of some of the pizzas in our value line, like our vegetable trio, which will now be available for $ 6,” said a spokesperson for Domino’s.

The range of values ​​was introduced over 10 years ago, as a way to “redefine” value for customers, but it was no longer viable, she said.

“Our range has grown and evolved to include more pizzas, made with high quality ingredients. And the world has changed too.

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“The cost of labor, groceries and ingredients has increased every year. “

The most popular value pizzas, including pepperoni and just cheese, will stay at $ 5.

But despite the rising costs, the fast food chain is also lowering the price of a number of its value-added, traditional and gourmet pizzas.


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This includes mr wedge, which now costs $ 10, the mega pepperoni pizza, the vegorama, the godfather and the apricot chicken.

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