Can women be mobilized for war?

SINCE 1973, joining the US Army has been recognized as a voluntary action unless a national emergency occurs.

If an emergency arises, many people assume that men over 18 will be required to go to war, but some question whether women will be expected to do the same.


The US Army has been a voluntary service since 1973

Earlier in the day, Putin declared war on Ukraine and then invaded the country.

Ukraine is currently under attack from Russia, but the country is fighting back.

According to MilitaryUkraine has declared that “women between the ages of 18 and 60 who are ‘suitable for military service’ and perform a wide range of professions are required to register with the Armed Forces of Ukraine”.

The recently updated law includes women working in professions such as librarians, journalists, nurses, teachers and many other professions.

the World Socialist Website noted that there are already 31,000 women serving in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The new updated law came into force on December 17, 2021.

Mandatory introduction of women into the U.S. military was briefly considered


Mandatory introduction of women into the U.S. military was briefly consideredCredit: Getty

Can women in the United States be conscripted for war?

The draft is used to determine the mandatory enlistment of US citizens into the armed forces.

In the event of conscription, almost all males between the ages of 18 and 25 who are US citizens or immigrants living in the United States are required to enlist.

US citizens must register within 30 days of turning 18.

Additionally, U.S. immigrants must register within 30 days of arriving in the country.

Exceptions for men who are required to register include

  • Those who have a student visa
  • Those who have a visitor visa
  • Those who are in prison or jail

In December 2021, Chrissy Houlahan introduced an amendment to 2022 (NDAA), the National Defense Authorization Act.

The amendment stated that for the first time in United States history, women would be required to register with Selective Service.

According to Saint Louis todaythere was opposition to this, much of it coming from conservative politicians.

The amendment introduced by Houlahan was not adopted.

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