Campbell County school vaccination incentive program criticized | Wyoming News


Employees do not see their sick leave reduced by refusing the vaccine; they are simply giving up an opportunity to receive more.

If the incentive was not in place, unvaccinated employees would use personal sick days if they were absent due to COVID-19 or forced to self-quarantine. Their status remains unaffected by policy, but Farnes said the exclusion from a sick leave policy acted as a penalty for those who chose not to be vaccinated.

“It also creates an environment in which people feel there is preferential treatment and prejudice,” Farnes said.

As a result, she did not believe that incentive leave should be offered to staff members. If this was not going to be offered to all teachers, she argued that it should not be offered to all.

Scott Clem, pastor of Central Baptist Church, also spoke out against the vaccination incentive program. He called this discriminatory against those who did not want to be vaccinated.

“If I were an employee, I wouldn’t want to get tested,” Clem said. “If I was sick, I would come to work. Why would I want to expose myself? Why would I want to carry the weight of your agreement? I will not do it. I’m sure there are plenty of employees like that in the neighborhood, who think, “Boy, this is a joke. So let’s go ahead and go to sick school. We will not be tested. Maybe we have COVID, maybe not. Will this spread the disease even further? Of course it does, but that’s the kind of environment, the kind of configuration, that this kind of policy creates. You must be aware of this. “

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