BETA sends mud season request to riders –

Dear Riders,

Nobody likes being told what to do. We understood. But we urge you to resist muddy trails.

We know this topic is controversial and nuanced. It’s the Adirondack Mountains – if we hadn’t been riding when it was wet, we would NEVER have been riding, right? Well, sort of, BUT there is a very important distinction we have to make between the condition of the trails now – saturated, soft and delicate, versus the condition of the trails in July after a storm – hardened, stable and sticky. Read a scientific explanation here: Mud season is unlike any & here: Just say no to mud

This is the time of year when trails are most at risk of erosion and long-term damage. The ground is exceptionally vulnerable during freeze/thaw periods. The damage done now before the trails are ready creates a larger maintenance backlog, which means less progress on planned projects and new trails and features. Sad face.

And if you think you can tiptoe your way from one dry section to another, your good intentions aren’t enough. Walking in mud results in footprints and ruts that essentially act as moisture traps, further delaying drainage and becoming annoying cemented bumps when they finally dry. Walking in mud causes the trail to widen, damages vegetation, and is difficult to repair. Keep singletrack unique! So unless you can levitate, please, please, please be patient.

As things dry out, check Trailforks and our social media for updated terms. Keep in mind that it’s impossible to update everything in real time, so we ask that you use your best judgment when checking out. Is there standing water? Do you see any ruts or footprints? Are you leaving either? If so, turn back. Better yet, turn back and sign up for a volunteer trail day once you get to your vehicle. It happens. We have all been there. Let’s do our best.

Mud season sucks, but waiting is the right decision. Hit gravel or pavement. Shit talk on Zwift. Put your pandemic sourdough baking skills to good use. Literally do anything else. And be thankful that we have trails we can’t wait to get back to.

Resist! The BETA community, the trail team and the volunteers thank you.​

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