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Gig Harbor Now publishes the profiles of each of the 25 honored students honored by the Greater Gig Harbor Foundation. Students will be honored at a banquet from 6-9 p.m. on Wednesday, May 18, 2022, at Ocean5, 5268 Point Fosdick Dr.

Student: Alexa Thomas

The school: Gig Harbor High School

Category: Public Service

Alexa Thoms has an outstanding record of community service, including over 100 hours of volunteer work during the 2020-2021 school year.

Through the GHHS Interact Club, she has assisted with the Tacoma Rescue Mission, the Polio Foundation, Race for a Soldier, Turkey Trot, the ALS March, and the Basket Brigade.

She works a weekly shift at the FISH Food Bank and volunteers at National Honor Society events, while tutoring middle and high school students in Chinese and math.

She also plays trumpet in jazz band and cheer band GHHS, plays college tennis and football, and has maintained a 4.0 GPA. In fact, she ranks at the top of her class of 337 graduates.

Alexa Thomas

Alexa Thomas Contributed

Community impact

Alexa considers herself motivated to do a good job and get good grades because she participates in many extracurricular activities and sports. Of all the things she has done in the past four years, her favorites have been attending the GHHS Interact Club and playing women’s college football, she said, because of the friends she has. is done and the things she was able to accomplish in each activity.

His volunteer work has also been extremely satisfying.

“I’m very proud of the impact I’ve had in my community through the countless hours of volunteer work I’ve been able to rack up at the Fish Food Bank, Tacoma Rescue Mission, through Interact Club, and through tutoring, even during closure,” she said.

Those same things — volunteer work and maintaining her grades — also presented challenges, she said.

“My biggest challenge was adapting to the workload and the intensity of the classes. College didn’t prepare me very well to jump straight into honors and AP courses during my junior and sophomore years of high school.

For Alexa, coping with the pandemic shutdown hasn’t been difficult.

“It really wasn’t a problem for me because it just gave me more time to volunteer. I’ve kept myself busy, which helps me be more productive. I was able to continue volunteering, working two jobs and coaching soccer,” she said.

future surgeon

This fall, Alexa will go to the University of Utah to study biology with a pre-medical focus. His hope is to become a surgeon. Many of his high school courses focused on this goal, including specialized courses in anatomy and physiology and a college-level biology course. In all, she took seven AP courses and three honors courses, as well as the University of Washington course.

Her teachers are full of praise for Alexa’s efforts. Ramey Le Roy, head of the science department at GHHS, appreciated his willingness to participate and offer his thoughts on many different topics. “It allowed other students to share their views,” Le Roy said. “This was especially helpful during remote learning, as many students didn’t feel comfortable having discussions on Zoom. Alexa was opening the door to discussion, and her peers were following her lead.

Bryce Waddington, director of coaching at Gig Harbor Premier Soccer Club, called Alexa “a leader on and off the pitch, voted captain for the past seven years by her teammates, and is where other players can turn to. turn around for help. She consistently demonstrates her strong work ethic, intelligence and communication skills. Her upbeat personality and optimism rubs off on the young players” she coaches.

Alexa’s advice to young students is to “stay organized and on top of your work.” You should try to do this as early as possible so that you can enjoy the evening or the weekend without worrying about homework.

Alexa Thomas

The school: Gig Harbor High School

Category: Public Service

GPA: 4.0, leading in its class

Parents: Paul and Nicole Thomas

Activities: Academic letter for community service; Interact Club: volunteers with Turkey Trot, Basket Brigade, Tacoma Rescue Mission, ALS Walk, PenMet Parks, Polio Foundation, Race for a Soldier, FISH Food Bank; tutors for middle and high school students in Chinese and mathematics; vice-president of the National Honor Society (12); Girls Varsity Soccer – MVP, Best Offensive Player, Academic Excellence Award; Harbor Premier Soccer; JV and Varsity Tennis; Jazz and dynamic bands

Favorite teacher: “Mrs. Le Roy. She was always very friendly and caring; I always felt supported in her class and never had a problem with any concept because she was such an engaging and enthusiastic teacher. I sincerely believe that she is one of the best teachers in the district and i will continue to remember her as one of my best teachers.i am so glad my younger sister has her this year for biology.

The best thing about GHHS: “…our community. The teachers are great. My teachers never made school a job. They made it enjoyable and focused on learning. Besides the great teachers and administrative staff, everyone seems to support each other.

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