Tips for saving money in a sustainable way


Friday, October 9, it is Sustainability Day. All kinds of sustainable activities take place throughout the country. To show how sustainability fits into our daily lives. Of course we cannot ignore that.

That’s why we made a to-do list at the office.


With sustainable action points that we will be working on in the coming months. Because it is good for the environment and because we save money sustainably with a few simple adjustments. Something for you too? This is our top five.

1: More bicycles

This is almost on the list of all my colleagues. Less in the car and more on the bike. Curious how much you can save with this? Use the bicycle calculator. I discovered that if I cycle to the office instead of driving three days a week, I save € 162 in fuel costs annually. And as icing on the cake, I also burn 15,660 calories. With the December month in prospect, that is not a superfluous luxury.

2: Thermostat one degree lower

Autumn is now in full swing and the heating is already burning regularly. This winter I want to take a critical look at our energy consumption. Especially to the heating. Because sometimes it can be quite a degree lower. According to the consumer association, you save an average of 7% on your energy consumption. For an average household this means a saving of around € 60. That is quickly earned!

3: Economical shower head

Showering costs water and energy. An average family spends around € 328 on water and energy in the shower. That is a hefty amount. An economical shower head delivers a saving of 25%, without compromising on comfort. That quickly saves € 82. And it is also a piece of cake. The old shower head is replaced within 10 minutes and you start saving. So do it.

4: Double glass

I live in a new house so double glazing is as clear as a lump for me. But that is certainly not the case for everyone. One of my colleagues has been busy replacing single glass for a while. The last windows will be replaced this winter. Milieu Centraal has calculated that double glazing with an average terraced house of 20 m2 of glass yields a saving of € 243 per year.

5: Solar panels

Unfortunately my roof is not suitable, but several colleagues have solar panels on their wish list.

money with cards

Very understandable, because solar panels have fallen considerably in price in recent years. It is of course a big investment. But also an investment that delivers more than savings. Moreover, it also seems fantastic to generate my own electricity. A kind of factory at home.

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