Ideal characteristics of credit without surety to undertake


Every entrepreneur has seen his beginnings by believing in his idea, it can be difficult, even more so because of the negative and discouraging comments you will receive; It is too risky, it involves a lot of work, it is likely that you will never succeed, you will be in debt.

All this is false, to undertake is an investment, which of course, will take a lot of effort and dedication but with time you will see the economic and professional fruits.

If you do not own the capital

If you do not own the capital

You can rely on a loan to undertake. Not all the agencies that offer you credits adapt to your needs, so you have to know how the ideal credit should look for you, the credit that suits you, that does not consume you and rather is the support you were looking for in the beginning to your business , to undertake is a great step, that your decisions are wise!

Decide to take the path of the strong, those who make the world move faster, can you feel the emotion that runs through your veins while reading these words? In short, your first step is already more than taken and ready for Next step

And, an entrepreneur must take into account that financing that allows him to start, strengthen or expand his business is necessary.

Features to choose the credit to undertake

Features to choose the credit to undertake

Your possibilities to acquire it: Many entities evaluate your ability to pay and cash flows, but all based on your financial statement. If obtaining this financial support becomes very complicated with all the requirements, it is better that you consider discarding them, there are options that allow you to obtain your credit without guarantor, with basic requirements and efficiently, designed for you.

What you will use it on: This directly depends on the type of financing you will seek, as initial capital, for the acquisition of goods, etc. It may be that before starting the search you already have an established plan that allows you to know your own initiative in depth.

Analyze the total cost: Know the rate you will pay for the loan, this in order to find the best option for you, that you can repay. The reality is that there are so many offers, that you find two types of credits: those who seek your benefit , and those who seek your benefit .

The interest rate: There are three types: the fixed rate, which as its name says is a constant amount that remains throughout the loan, this allows you to know exactly how much you should pay and how the fees to be managed will be; The variable rate, which meets certain criteria, may generate doubt because you do not know if it will increase, although it is usually a smaller amount than the fixed rate; and finally the combined rate, which can start being fixed and become variable.

The term to pay


This is the time in which you can return the amount and pay the interest, choose an option that you may be able to pay month to month, keep in mind the care of your finances . It can be: a lower interest rate in exchange for a higher payment fee; or a higher interest rate but lower monthly fees.

Credit cancellation: It is an important aspect because some financing allows you to cancel in advance of the term or make additional payments ahead of time, that is the ideal, since it indicates that the entity seeks your growth and that of your company.

As you can see, there are many criteria that make it easy for you to discard options that are not intended for your venture and focus on those that are, in your ideal credit. You may now have a few in mind: we can help you make a decision. You can solve your doubts and with a free advice with one of our consultants.

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