Facilities Technology Offers for Payroll Loan


The advancement of technology is noticeable in everything around us and has provided numerous benefits to society. Thus, several processes have undergone transformations over the last years, generally bringing facilities to everyday life.

Among other areas, technology currently offers great facilities for payroll loans. Want to meet them? We will list six of them. Check out:

100% digital process


Digital platforms, or more specifically Fintechs, have brought convenience to those who want to get a loan. That’s because the process is 100% digital, meaning that dull routine of going to banks to get credit is a thing of the past. It is possible to take out a loan without leaving home in an absolutely simple and practical online structure. Just register at no cost.


People are looking for banks and financiers willing to apply for a loan, but almost always lacking any necessary document. In a credit Fintech, this process is totally bureaucratic, without that exchange of roles.

In the private payroll, the process is convenient even for companies that have an agreement with the financial institution, since there is no need for HR to enter the values ​​in the workers paycheck, leaving everything to Fintech.

Credit approval speed


Credit analysis on online platforms is much more practical than on banks and financials, which naturally contributes to the speed of loan release. That is, if you are already “tight”, you will not have to wait so long to have your money. Normally, simply submit documents such as ID, CPF, proof of residence and proof of income (digitally, of course) and then proceed with the process entirely online.

Efficient interest simulation

Online payroll loan platforms offer much lower interest rates compared to other financial institutions. But if you still want to simulate interest rates, there is the possibility of making this comparison within the platform itself, something that would not be possible if you were in just one bank.

Efficient Service

Remember the hours you spent waiting to talk to your bank manager? This does not exist in an online payroll platform, as the service of professionals is done on the platform itself. That is, you can take your questions calmly and confidently and still have the ease of being able to search something on the internet. In banks, this service eventually forces you to make a more immediate decision, without time to think about the best alternatives.

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