Bank works credit: is it offered at the best rate?


The Bank works credit is actually an unrestricted personal loan, without proof of use of the funds. We can therefore use it as well to renovate our house as to change decoration. Let’s find out the pros and cons of this work loan.

Bank works credit explained

Bankil works credit explained

It is through a personal loan that Bank works credit is offered. Unlike the majority of its competitors, Bank does not offer the affected works loan as such. This form of personal credit without supporting credit linked to the use of money offers a certain flexibility of use. If this type of loan is generally offered at higher rates than for an assigned loan, Bank works credit is doing quite well during our various tests.

The Bank works credit is not affected but ranks on the podium of the best organizations on our comparator . If the rates are higher overall when the loan is not affected, the organization therefore comes out with the honors. We note, for example, that the APR rate of the Bank personal loan is close to that of the best rates of the assigned works credit offered by its main competitors (Yoabank,). With the differences highlighted, we can better understand the importance of comparing offers to find the lowest rate. It is all the more true that they can vary significantly from one period to another, in particular the Bank work loan which benefits from the promotions that the leader in consumer credit regularly offers.

A personal loan for his work

A personal loan for his work

Bank always offers a personal loan in response to a loan request for works. This is an option to be considered in particular for individuals wishing to carry out work on their own , without having to justify quotes / invoices. The realization of works and installations often involves unforeseen events, easier to overcome with this formula. You can also rethink your project along the way, or reduce the initial cost. So many decisions that will be easier to make with a personal loan. The Bank works credit clearly brings a certain flexibility in its use.

Bank works credit conditions

Some conditions specific to Bank works credit:

  • He offers to borrow between 500 $ and 35,000 $
  • The repayment period is between 12 and 84 months
  • It is possible to repay the credit or a part in advance

The Bank works credit is a classic personal loan, with acceptance conditions. They vary according to the organizations and the type of loan desired. Whether the idea is to take out a real works credit or a personal loan, it is important to carry out several simulations. One organization can grant a loan while another will be more reluctant, under the same conditions. Our comparator allows you to compare all the offers but above all to obtain several principle responses.

Bank small works credit, a practical option!

Bankil small works credit, a practical option!

 Work whose estimated cost is between $ 500 and $ 6000 can be included in a Bank revolving credit . The organization is an expert in the field, thanks to its “Accessio” offer. The rates are high (sometimes close to the rate of wear) but the advantage is that we benefit from small monthly payments. For a credit $ 4,000 in comfort formula, Bank offers for example to reimburse in 42 monthly payments of $ 124.00 (rate TAEG 12.68%). Revolving credit Bank is more affordable than a personal loan for small budgets.

Bank revolving credit terms

The conditions of the Accessio formula in a few points:

  • For a loan between 500 $ and 6000 $
  • The repayment periods are spread over 15 to 40 monthly payments (depending on the amounts and formulas)
  • The APR rate is higher than that of the personal loan (12 to 20%)
  • The borrower can settle his credit at any time and thus reduce his total cost

The Bank revolving credit offers a directly available cash reserve. It is restored over the course of reimbursements and can be useful for making several adjustments over a long period. The rates vary regularly in this mini-credit market, all the more warranting a comparative study.

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